Season 1

Ep. 1

Timely Treats

Picture Perfect

Moving Forward Together

Ep. 2

Growing Responsible

Red Card To Respect

The Land of the Odds

Ep. 3

No Rules Allowed

Shop 'Til You Drop

Center of the Universe

Ep. 4

Slippery Slope

Car Tune Pirates

Bully Bully

Ep. 5

Friends in High Places

Heavenly Event

Sunny Side Up?

Ep. 6

Up from the Depths

Cooler Heads Prevail

Digging For Gold

Ep. 7

A Mile In Their Tires

Stage Fright

Izzi and the Giant

Ep. 8

Rumors of War

The Price of Freedom

No Greater Love

Ep. 9

Miles to the Rescue

The Secret Force

Gopher It!

Ep. 10

The Secret of Success

The Winning Goal

Road Rage

Ep. 11

Road Test For Maturity

Uninvited Guests

A Tidy Plan

Ep. 12

Too Rough Around The Edges

Crowning Car Of The Year

Friends To The Rescue!

Season 2

Ep. 1

Movie "FX"

Cheaters U-Turn

The Cobra Canyon Leap

Ep. 2

The Integrity Project

Rising To The Occasion

The Gift of Golf

Ep. 3

Breaking Par

Daring Dreamers

Unusual Suspect

Ep. 4

The Missing Statue

Get the OOMPH!

A Taxing Problem

Ep. 5

Billy and the Big Horns

Home Sweet Home

The Quest For Power

Ep. 6

Monster Trap!


Lug Nut

Ep. 7

Issadora's Box

Extreme Overhaul

Breaking New Ground

Ep. 8

Level Thirty-Nine!

Western Hero

COTU Comics

Ep. 9

Scared-y Car

Car Tuned & Ready

Squeaky Clean!

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