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Horses Neighing In Stalls

Blacksmith Shaping Horseshoe On Anvil

Horses In Street: Walk Mounted Troop

Horses In Alley: Walk Mounted Troop Through

Beehive-Angry Bees!

Crickets And Other Woods Sounds At Night

Babbling Brook-Cricket Background

Waterfall Over High Dam

Chickamauga Dam

Rapids In Mountain Stream

Children Diving In Swimming Pool

Roller Coaster, Girls Screaming

Model Airplanes Dog Fight #1

Model Airplane Solo #2

Model Airplane Start And Tune Engine (Angry Bee Sound)

Horses In Street: Trot 2 Pairs To Center, Prance And Gallop Off

Horses In Street: Trot To Center, Prance And Depart

Horse In Street: Trot Past And Return

Horse In Alley: Walk Past And Return

Horses In Alley: Trot 2 Pair And Return

Horses In Alley: Walk 2 Pair Past Single File And Return

Horses Canter On Dirt Road

Horses Trot On Dirt Road

Magnificent Fireworks Display (Rockaway's Playland)

Astronaut Cooper's Parade Up Broadway

Police Car: Steady Siren Wail In Traffic, Long Pass

Police Car: Long Approach, Siren, Stop And Door Slam Waterfront Background

Police Car: Door Slam And Departure, Siren

Police Car: Loud Wavering Siren Wail, Long Pass #2

Police Car And Siren, Quick Approach And Stop

Police Car And Siren, Quick Approach And Stop #2

Police Car Approach, Siren, Stop, Open Doors, Running Feet On Pier

Police Car: Siren, Quick Pass And Fade

Police Car Radio

Traffic On Wet Highway

Cars And Trucks On Highway

Tobacco Warehouse Auctioneer #1

Tobacco Warehouse Auctioneer #2

Bible Reading In Cherokee By Indian

Motorcycle: Starts, Circles, Brake Squeal, Skids To Stop

Motorcycle Skids To Stop

Motorcycle Race Start & Finish

Vickers High Speed Electric Pump (Hydraulic)

Steel Works Siren Warning Bell And Tapping

Stell Mill Rolling Heavy Plate

Steel Works Blooming Mill

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