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Sonic Boom: F-104 "Starfighter"

Massed Strafing Runs By F-100's

RB-66 Photo Reconnaissance Fly-By (Photo-Flash Cartridge Drop)

F-100 "Super Sabres" Drop 500 Lb. Bombs (Ground Bursts)

F-100's Drop Bombs In Support Mission (Ground Bursts)

F-100's Fire Mixed Loads Of Rockets At Ground Targets

F-105 "Thunderchiefs" Strafe Ground Target With "Vulcan" 20MM Automatic Cannons (Ground Bursts)

F-100 Bombing Runs (Ground Bursts)

Radar-Aimed High Altitude Bombing Run By F-105's

F-105 Fighter-Bombers Drop 500 Lb. Bombs (Ground Bursts)

Air Controller Directs Tactical Air Command Strike By F-100's

F-100's In Napalm Bomb Attack On Ground Target

F-100's Strafe Ground Targets With 20MM Cannons

Mass Napalm Attack By F-100's (Ground Bursts)

F-101 "Voodoo", F-102 "Delta Dart", F-106 "Delta Dagger" Intercept Three B-57 "Canberra" Bombers

Low Level Bombing Run, Two F-100's

F-100 Launches "Bull Pup" Missile

Four F-101's Fire (MB-IT) "Genie" Rockets (Air Bursts)

Nuclear Bomb Explosion, Yucca Flat, Nevada

Simulated Nuclear Bomb Drop By F-105

Jet Fighters Taking Off (After Burners)

F-105's Fire Rockets At Ground Target (Ground Bursts)

Fly-By: B-28, T20A, C-47

B 52's Starting Engines

B 52's Taxiing

B 52's Taking Off

Gatling Gun (Spanish-American War)

30 Caliber Machine Gun (WW II)

50 Caliber Machine Gun (WW II)

20MM (M39) Automatic Cannon

20 MM Vulcan "Gatling Gun" Type Aircraft Cannon

Psychological Warfare, Public Address From C-47

Three F-106's Destroy Drone Target With (GAR-4A) "Falcon" Missiles

Four F-102's Fire Salvo Of 2.75 Rockets (Air Bursts)

F-104 "Starfighter" Destroys (HVAR) Target Rocket With 5-Inch (GAR-8) "Sidewinder" Millisles (Air Bursts)

B 52 Launches (GAM-77) "Hound Dog" Missile

C-130 "Hercules" Troop Transport, Assault Landing

C-130 Makes Rocket-Assisted Take-Off

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