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Atlas Oceanic Sound and Picture is a post-production sound service facility that's made up of many former Oracle Post creatives. They mostly work on Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. Animation projects.

Currently, many of their creatives now work at Sound Rebels, which was founded by Atlas Oceanic creative Rob McIntyre (Sound Rebels has many of the same staff members and worked on several of the same shows Atlas Oceanic worked on). Atlas Oceanic now harbors Robert Hargreaves and his team, who formerly worked at DigiPost TV (formerly known as Monterey Post Production).


  • Evan Dockter
  • Matthew Thomas Hall
  • Chris Gresham
  • Vincent Guisetti
  • Jeff Hutchins
  • D.J. Lynch
  • Ian Nyeste
  • Rob McIntyre
  • Lawrence Reyes
  • Aran Tanchum
  • Ezra Walker
  • Robert Hargreaves