Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

"A World Without Books"

"Life Improvements and Slates"

"The Events of Winter"

"Forests and Clay Tablets"

"Baptisms and Strange Fevers"


"Seeds of Suspicion"

"Lutz's Myne"

"The Guild Master's Granddaughter"

"To the Second Winter"

"Life-or-Death Choices and Family Meetings"

"Baptism and Divine Paradises"

"The Choice to be an Apprentice Priestess"



"Side Story One: Eustachius's Incognito Operation Downtown"

"Side Story Two: Visiting Missus Corinna"

Season 2

"Apprentice Priestess"

"Blue Robes and Uncommon Sense"


"Orphanage Reforms"

"Cleanups and Star Festivals"

"The Path Ahead of Lutz"

"New Retainers"

"Wilma and Holy Scriptures for Kids"

"Harvest Festivals and Staying Home"

"Knights Orders and Requests"

"Trombe and Battles"

"Dreamlike World"