Soundeffects Wiki

Ep 1.: "Castles in the Sky"/"Tipping the Scales"

Ep 2.: "Francine's Big Top Trouble"/"George Blows His Top"

Ep 3.: "Arthur Weighs In"/"The Law of the Jungle Gym"

Ep 4.: "Buster's Green Thumb"/"My Fair Tommy"

Ep 5.: "Lights, Camera, Opera!"/"All Worked Up!"

Ep 6.: "Arthur Makes Waves"/"It Came From Beyond"

Ep 7.: "Three's a Crowd"/""A" is for Angry"

Ep 8.: "The "A" Team"/"Emily Swallows a Horse"

Ep 9.: "D.W. Beats All"/"Buster the Myth Maker"

Ep 10.: "Binky Goes Nuts"/"Breezy Listening Blues"