Soundeffects Wiki

Ep 1.: "Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked"/"Best of the Nest"

Ep 2.: "Arthur Plays the Blues"/"Buster's Sweet Success"

Ep 3.: "Prunella's Special Edition"/"The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies"

Ep 4.: "Muffy's Soccer Shocker"/"Brother Can You Spare a Clarinet?"

Ep 5.: "The Boy Who Cried Comet!"/"Arthur and Los Vecínos"

Ep 6.: "Citizen Frensky"/"D.W.'s Backpack Mishap"

Ep 7.: "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds"/"More!"

Ep 8.: "Rhyme for Your Life"/"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Ep 9.: "The Good Sport"/"Crushed"

Ep 10.: "Arthur Loses His Marbles"/"Friday the 13th"