Soundeffects Wiki

Ep 1.: "The Tattletale Frog"/"D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose"

Ep 2.: "The Friend Who Wasn't There"/"Surprise!"

Ep 3.: "The Case of the Girl with the Long Face"/"The Substitute Arthur"

Ep 4.: "Best Wishes"/"The Tardy Tumbler"

Ep 5.: "Fountain Abbey"/"Arthur Calls It"

Ep 6.: "Whip. Mix. Blend."/"Staycation"

Ep 7.: "Two Minutes"/"Messy Dress Mess"

Ep 8.: "Arthur Read: Super Saver"/"Tibbles to The Rescue""

Ep 9.: "The Pageant Pickle"/"Some Assembly Required"

Ep 10.: "Shelter from the Storm"