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July 9, 1999

Arlington Road is a 1999 thriller and drama film directed by Mark Pellington and starring Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack, and Hope Davis. The film tells the story of a widowed George Washington University professor who suspects his new neighbors are involved in terrorism and becomes obsessed with foiling their terrorist plot. The film was heavily inspired by the paranoid culture of the 1990s concerning the right-wing militia movement, Ruby Ridge, the Waco siege and Oklahoma City Bombing.

Ehren Kruger wrote the script, which won the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' (AMPAS) Nicholl Fellowship in 1996. The film was to have been originally released by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, but the film's United States distribution rights were sold to Sony Pictures Entertainment for $6 million. The eventual release was the second title for Screen Gems while PolyGram (now part of Universal Studios) handled foreign rights. Tomandandy composed additional music in the film.

Post Production Sound (and Scoring) Services were provided by Skywalker SoundRandy Thom served as the Sound Designer and a Re-Recording Mixer. Phil Benson was the Supervising Sound Editor. Dennie Thorpe & Jana Vance performed foley, recorded by Frank "Pepe" Merel and edited by Claus Lynge.


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