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Aria The Scarlet Ammo: Multi-Shooter is a shooting game featuring characters from both the main series and the spin-off Double A, developed by Azumanga Interactive, and published by Bandai Namco Games and NIS America. The Bandai Extreme version is only a 2D game with pre-rendered graphics, but the Bandai CD and CD Revolution versions are in full 3D.

The game's goal is to shoot the opponents until their health is drained down. In the story mode, you have more characters to go against which they are unlocked after defeating them.


It's a shooting game where you have to defeat your opponent by simply shooting them until they have been defeated, you can shoot in any direction with unique weapons layed out randomly on the stage. Each weapon consists of guns that shoot more ammo or shoot huge cannons that can wipe out the opponents health in seconds. Each character starts out with their default weapons, but can be upgraded once you get a different weapon, or collecting ammo packs that are on stage. You will never loose the weapon after getting hit, you only loose it once you are defeated on the first round.

Each stage is 2-3 rounds (which can be changed in the options menu to either only 1 round or 5 rounds).

The Bandai Extreme version has sprite cutscenes, while the Bandai CD and CD Revolution versions have full animated cutscenes.

Sound Effects Used

Most of the sound effects are mainly used in the Bandai CD, and Bandai CD Revolution versions. While some of them are heard in Bandai Extreme version.

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