Aria Mini Shorts

Aria Mini Shorts is a spin-off to the Aria the Scarlet Ammo series. Featuring new 2-3 min. shorts starring the characters from both the original and its spin-off Double A.

The shorts are played in betweeen anime shows to fill in the time slot. The first season features shorts that were previously from Anime All Star, later seasons would air exclusive shorts to the series.

Each short consists of what the characters do in the actual series, but is given a more comedic spin.


Air Date

September 5th, 2017 - Present

Sound Effects Used

Aside from using more cartoon and anime sounds, this would use the sound effects from both the spin-off Double A and Lucky Star, and would only use 5 WB/H-B ricochet sounds, and mainly more realistic gun sounds.

Audio Samples

New pistol firing sound.

Custom WB Aria pistol firing

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