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Animation vs. Pencilmation is a 2016 American-German live-action/animated action adventure comedy science fiction film produced by Crossover Films Co., Ltd. and Constantin Film and distributed by Screen Gems, and directed by Robert Zemeckis, being the crossover film between Alan Becker's Animator vs. Animation and Ross Bollinger's Pencilmation. It is one of the Animator vs. Animation and Pencilmation media to be released theatrically.

Skywalker Sound provided Post-Production Sound Services; Ethan Van der Ryn and David Acord are the Sound Designers; while Tom Myers, Gary Rydstrom and Randy Thom serve as Supervising Sound Editors. Qianbaihui Yang, Tom Johnson and E.J. Holowicki serve as Sound Effects Editors; Dmitri Makarov, Dustin Cawood and Gary Summers are the Assistant Sound Editors. Frank Rinella is the Foley Artist & Editor; while Richard Gould is the Foley Recordist.


Alan Becker and Ross Bollinger are having their normal lives, while the Second Coming, the Chosen One and the Fighting Stick Figures gained their ability to speak, decided to do pencil practicing and eventually meet Hank Hanky and the Pencilmates from the Pencilmation franchise in Alan's computer.

Meanwhile, feared Russian mastermind and Cold War veteran Konstantin Belikov and his assistant Russell Nakalembe have a plan to kill the Pencilmates and the Fighting Stick Figures. Can the Second Coming, the Chosen One, Hank and the Pencilmates stop the plan before it's too late?

Release Date

  • September 1, 2016

Sound Effects Used

Audio Samples

The Skywalker Sound SFX cluster including SKYWALKER, ELECTRICITY - PULSE SHRIEK 01, as used whenever characters use their electrical powers.

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