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Animation Collection is a cartoon sound effects library from The Hollywood Edge released in 1998. It consists a collection of 1,066 sound effects in 495 tracks originally released on 5 CDs.


Cartoon & Comedy Whistles

Slide Whistleup 6 Var AC010101

Slide Whistledn 3 Var AC010201

Slide Whistlednup 4V AC010301

Slide Whistleupdnup AC010401

Slide Whistlednupdn AC010501

Slide Whistlebroken AC010601

Slide Whistlebroken AC010701

Slide Whistlebroken AC010801

Slide Whistletwirli AC010901

Slide Whistlecrazy2 AC011001

Slide Whistlehigh 6V AC011101

Slide Whistlehighcr AC011201

Sport Whistle 3 Vario AC011301

Sport Whistle 2 Vario AC011401

Toy Whistle 3 Various AC011501

Train Whistle 3 Vario AC011601

Train Whistle 3 Vario AC011701

Whoopee Whistle 2 Hig AC011801

Whoopee Whistle 2 Hig AC011901

Whoopee Whistle 3 Hig AC012001

Whoopee Whistle 2 Hig AC012101

Synthesized Whistle AC012201

Cartoon & Comedy Squeaks

Gate Squeaks Highpit AC012301

Glass Squeaks 3 Highp AC012401

Glass Squeaks 7 Highp AC012501

Rubber Squeaks 3 High AC012601

Rubber Squeaks 3 High AC012701

Rubber Squeaks 3 High AC012801

Rubber Squeaks Highp AC012901

Wheel Squeaks Metall AC013001

Wheel Squeaks Metall AC013101

Window Squeaks 4 High AC013201

Cartoon & Comedy Squeals

Squeals 2 Short Highp AC013301

Squeals 2 Short Highp AC013401

Squeals 2 Highpitche AC013501

Squeals 2 Highpitche AC013601

Cartoon & Comedy Horns

Bleep Horn Irritatin AC013701

Party Favor 3 Raspy Pa AC013801

Horn 4 Car Horn Honks AC013901

Horn 2 Haaooga Horn Ho AC014001

Horn 2 Toy Horns Honks AC014101

Horn 2 Toy Horns Honks AC014201

Horn 3 Toy Horns Honks AC014301

Horn 3 Bulb Horn Honks AC014401

Horn 2 Toy Horns Honks AC014501

Horn 2 Toy Horns Honks AC014601

Horn Highpitched Par AC014701

Cartoon & Comedy Telephones

Telephone Rings Trad AC014801

Cartoon & Comedy Bells

School Bell Metallic AC014901

Enchantment Tinkeri AC015001

Magical Gliss Ascend AC015101

Magical Gliss Descen AC015201

Pond Bells Multitone AC015301

Cartoon & Comedy Bell Towers

Church Bells Traditi AC015401

Cartoon & Comedy Bells

Yard Bell Oldstyle Sc AC015501

Cartoon & Comedy Chimes

Victorian Doorbell3 AC015601

Cartoon & Comedy Bells

Cow Bells 3 Cow Bell Be AC015701

Cow Bells 2 Head Shake AC015801

Cow Bell W Echo Flashb AC015901

Cartoon & Comedy Chimes

Triangle Traditiona AC016001

Triangle 2 Single Hit AC016101

Ferry Dings 3 Ferryty AC016201

Cartoon & Comedy Bells

Toy Bell 2 Wooden Mall AC016301

Comedy & Cartoon Chimes

Chimes 2 Idea Glass Ch AC016401

Cartoon & Comedy Bells

Christmas Bells 2 Bel AC016501

Jumbled Bells 2 Cymba AC016601

Jumbled Bells 2 India AC016701

Tinkle Bell 4 Small Be AC016801

Tinkle Bells 2 SmallB AC016901

Bells 3 Small Bell Rin AC017001

Bells 2 Mediumpitche AC017101

Bells 3 Mediumpitche AC017201

Bells 2 Small Bell Rin AC017301

Bells 2 Various BellR AC017401

Bells 5 Various BellR AC017501

Glass Bells 3 Glass Be AC017601

Glass Bells 3 Glass Be AC017701

Muted Bells 3 Muffled AC017801

Cartoon & Comedy Splats

Splats 2 Hard Hitting AC017901

Splats 5 Various Mush AC018001

Cartoon & Comedy Squishes

Squishes 2 Wet Squish AC018101

Squishes 2 Wet Squish AC018201

Cartoon & Comedy Squirt

Squirt Squirt From Pl AC018301

Squirt Squirting Wat AC018401

Cartoon & Comedy Bubbles

Bubbles 2 Rapid Bubbl AC018501

Bubbles 4 Large Singl AC018601

Bubbles 2 Rapid Bubbl AC018701

Bubbles Rapid Bubble AC018801

Bubbles Water Bubble AC018901

Cartoon & Comedy Droplets

Droplets 4 Various Wa AC019001

Cartoon & Comedy Fizzes

Fizz Seltzertype Fiz AC019101

Liquid Pour W Fizz Liq AC019201

Liquid Pour W Fizz Liq AC019301

Cartoon & Comedy Raspberries

Raspberries 3 Trumpe AC019401

Raspberries 3 Trumpe AC019501

Raspberry Scale 5 Asc AC019601

Raspberry Balloon Bl AC019701

Cartoon & Comedy Farts

Farts 3 Classic Human AC019801

Cartoon & Comedy Whoopee Cushions

Whoopee Cushion 3 Who AC019901


Cartoon & Comedy Boings / Twangs / Snaps

Jews Harp 9 Various Je AC020101

Metal Twang 2 Metalli AC020201

Jews Harp W Twangs 4 Bo AC020301

Thumpy Boing 2 ThumpI AC020401

Rubber Band 3 RubberB AC020501

Boing Ball Rubbery Bo AC020601

Boings Bouncing Boin AC020701

Boings Bouncing Boin AC020801

Boings Bouncing Boin AC020901

Boings W Twang BoingW AC021001

Boings W Twang Boings AC021101

Boings W Twang Boings AC021201

Boings W Twang Boings AC021301

Bouncing Twang Metal AC021401

Bouncing Twang Metal AC021501

Bouncing Twang Metal AC021601

Bouncing Twang Metal AC021701

Bouncing Twang Metal AC021801

Bouncing Twang Metal AC021901

Bouncing Twang WoodW AC022001

Bouncing Twang WoodW AC022101

Twang Wood 5 Deep Boun AC022201

Twangs Wood Up 4 Woode AC022301

Twangs Metal 2 Slow Vi AC022401

Twangs Metal Up 3 Meta AC022501

Twang W Echo Wooden Tw AC022601

Rubber Band Snaps 3 Sh AC022701

Cartoon & Comedy Warbles

Warbles 3 Distinct Th AC022801

Warbles 3 Distinct Th AC022901

Warbles 2 Distinct Th AC023001

Warbles 2 Distinct Th AC023101

Warbles 2 Distinct Th AC023201

Cartoon & Comedy, Whoosh & Swish

Swishes 4 Various Swi AC023601

Swishes 4 Various Swi AC023701

Swishes 6 Various Dou AC023801

Cartoon & Comedy Impacts

Anvil Hits 3 Metallic AC026301

Anvil Hits 4 Metallic AC026401

Metal Pounding Car Ho AC026501

Dish Breaks 3 Glass Ch AC027001

Cartoon & Comedy Whoosh & Swish

Arrow Flight Swish Fo AC029201


Cartoon & Comedy, Doors / Gates

Door Locks 2 Door Lock AC035401



Alarm Medium paced Tw AC040101

Alarm Irritating Hig AC040201

Alarm Scifi Type Warn AC040301

Alarm Slow Two pitche AC040401

Alarm Fast Blaring Al AC040501

Alarm Oscillating as AC040601

Alarm Rapid paced Sho AC040701

Cartoon & Comedy, Animals-Cat

Cat Growls 2 Wild Cat S AC046501

Cartoon & Comedy, Animals-Dog

Dog Sniffs Pants Shor AC047001

Dog Barks 2 Various Mi AC047101

Dog Barks 9 Dog Barks AC047201

Dog Howls 2 Dog Howls AC047301

Dog Howls 2 Dog Howls AC047401

Cartoon & Comedy, Sci-Fi Drones & Tones

Engine Start Synthes AC043901

Lab Spaceship EerieA AC044101


Cartoon & Comedy, Musical FX

Violin Gliss Ups 2 Asc AC050101

Violin Gliss Dns 6 Des AC050201

Violin Gliss Double U AC050501

Violin Plucked Gliss AC050801

Music, Guitar

Elec Guitar Chimes 2 E AC059401

Elec Guitar Gliss Dns AC059501

Elec Guitar Gliss Ups AC059601

Elec Guitar Distorte AC059701

Elec Guitar Whammies AC059801

Elec Guitar Motifs 5 E AC059901


One of the sounds from the library are used in The Fairly OddParents, Phineas and Ferb, Harvey Girls Forever! and The Ghost and Molly McGee. as well as some movies like Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo (2004), The Peanuts Movie (2015) and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017) that used this library.

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