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Animated Hero Classics is a 1991-2004 educational Animated television series of programs co-produced by Nest Family Entertainment, Living History Productions, Warner-Nest Animation and Crest Animation Productions, Crest Communications, Inc., and Quasar Cartoons Ltd. The series of 20 half-hour specials, geared toward elementary school aged children, includes biographies of both female and male scientists, inventors, explorers, and social champions from around Europe, North America and the Middle East, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale, Maccabees, Wright brothers, Galileo Galilei, Marco Polo, William Bradford, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Ludwig van Beethoven, Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc, Benjamin Franklin, Helen Keller, Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur and Pocahontas.


An American educational animated television series of biographies of famous scientists, inventors, explorers, and social champions.

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