Season 1

Ep 1.: "Body Talk"

Ep 2.: "Walk the Walk"

Ep 3.: "Love 'Em and Leap 'Em"

Ep 4.: "Side by Side by Side"

Ep 5.: "Not So Lost in Space"

Ep 6.: "Pretzel Monkey and Cheese Dip to the Rescue"

Ep 7.: "The Quick, the Slow and the Waffle"

Ep 8.: "The Right Size for You"

Ep 9.: "The Not So Moving Episode"

Ep 10.: "Every Which Way But Forward"

Ep 11.: "Take a Seat, Please"

Ep 12.: "Swimmin' (Twistin' Too) and Flying"

Ep 13.: "I Am the Rain"

Ep 14.: "Boo Day"

Ep 15.: "Battle of the Animal Jam Bands"

Ep 16.: "Touched by a Monkey"

Ep 17.: "Rockin' and Rollin"

Ep 18.: "Crouching Edi, Hidden Waffle"

Ep 19.: "Snow Day"

Ep 20.: "On the Spot"

Ep 21.: "Animal Jam Olympics"

Ep 22.: "The Parade Episode"

Ep 23.: "Edi Finds Her Groove"

Ep 24.: "Everything's Springin' Up!"

Ep 25.: "A Hug a Day"

Ep 26.: "Bright Lights, Big Shadow"

Ep 27.: "Hands Across Animal Jam"

Ep 28.: "A Water Buffalo Named Pancake"

Ep 29.: "Waffle Jam!"

Ep 30.: "Dance It Out!"

What episode shots are these from?

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