Soundeffects Wiki

"Glass Heart"

"Kaori has Returned"

"City of XYZ"

"Wavering Heart"



"The Town I Love"

"True Friends"

"Xiang Ying ~The Forgotten Name~"

"Angel Smile"

"Family Time"

"Encounter and Farewell on the Ship"

"A Gift from Master Li"

"The Return of City Hunter!"

"Please Find My Papa!"

"City Hunter's Qualifications"

"Encounter in a Dream"

"Family Ties"

"Elder Chen's Restaurant"

"Prelude to Fate"

"Sad Guardian"

"An Unfair Happiness"

"Melody of Departure"

"Together with The Beat..."

"A Client With a Death Wish"

"Going Back to Those Times"

"Am I In Love!?"


"My Sister...Kaori"

"This City Means Everything to Me"

"The Vision She Saw on the Last Night"

"The Girl from the Organization"

"Blessed Child from God"

"Their Determination"

"Into the Future"

"The Girl Who Brings Happiness"

"Untainted Heart"

"Become My Eyes"

"The Client is a Big Actress"

"Miki's Hidden Secret"

"Where I Belong"

"Their Secret Signal"

"My Everyday Life"

"For the Sake of Our Children"

"The Human Nuclear Warhead, Yang"

"Mother Heart"

"A Bright Future!?"

"Drawn in by Fate"

"Get My Life"

"Last Present"