Opening Theme

Season 1

Ep 1.: "Talking Teddy"/"Principal Interest"

Ep 2.: "A Is for Alien"/"Jeanette Enchanted"

Ep 3.: "Sister Act"/"Lil' T"

Ep 4.: "What a Gem"/"Family Spirit"

Ep 5.: "The App"/"Don Juan Theodoro"

Ep 6.: "Albrittina"/"Simon for President"

Ep 7.: "To Serve and Protect"/"Kickin' It Old School"

Ep 8.: "Clowning Around"/"Bully for You"

Ep 9.: "My Sister the Weirdo"/"Turf War"

Ep 10.: "Good Luck Mr. Whiskers"/"Who's Your Daddy?"

Ep 11.: "Mystic Mountain"/"Candy Confessions"

Ep 12.: "Mojo Missing"/"Who's the Animal?"

Ep 13.: "Slippin' Thru My Fingers"/"Driving Dave Crazy"

Ep 14.: "Safety Third"/"Mister Manners"

Ep 15.: "The Tree House"/"Saving Simon"

Ep 16.: "Back to School"/"Bromance"

Ep 17.: "A Room of One's Own"/"Carts and Crafts"

Ep 18.: "Going Green"/"Tattle Tail"

Ep 19.: "She's Got Style"/"Super Heroes"

Ep 20.: "Kiss Conspiracy"/"House Guests"

Ep 21.: "Theozilla"/"Doggone It"

Ep 22.: "Mutiny"/"Reality or Not"

Ep 23.: "Let Them Eat Crumbs"/"Who Ghosts There"

Ep 24.: "Alvin's Secret Powers"/"Warbie"

Ep 25.: "I Will Survive"/"Alvin's Got a Brand New Bag"

Ep 26.: "Art for Art's Sake"/"Mancave"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "Dog Days"/"Dragon Dad"

Ep 2.: "Members Only"/"The New Kid"

Ep 3.: "Simon the Superb"/"The Sub"

Ep 4.: "Lights Camera Uh-Oh"/"Wax Dave"

Ep 5.: "Brittany the Body Snatcher"/"Agent Smith"

Ep 6.: "Baby Whisperer"/"Let's Make a Deal"

Ep 7.: "Munk Man"/"Ride Along"

Ep 8.: "Alvin's Wild Weekend"/"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Ep 9.: "iHear"/"Switch Witch"

Ep 10.: "Double Trouble"/"Liar Liar"

Ep 11.: "Suck Toad"/"Secret Admirer"

Ep 12.: "Un-send!"/"The Orb"

Ep 13.: "The Music Box"/"Special Delivery"

Ep 14.: "Missing Miss Smith"/"Monster Madness"

Ep 15.: "Super Girls"/"Held Back"

Ep 16.: "It's My Party"/"Keeping Up With the Humphries"

Ep 17.: "We're The Chipmunks"/"Save the Dance"

Ep 18.: "The Temp"/"Parent Trap"

Ep 19.: "Knights"/"Snake Charmer"

Ep 20.: "Summer Camp"/"Blabber Mouth"

Ep 21.: "Viral"/"Brothers of Dagarack"

Ep 22.: "Overlooked"/"Wish Upon a Star"

Ep 23.: "Jeanette's Secret Garden"/"Treasure Hunt"

Ep 24.: "He Said She Said"/"Attack of the Zombies"

Ep 25.: "Wacky Wednesday"/"The Chipmunk and the Catfish"

Ep 26.: "Time Flies"/"Prank Calls"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "The Karate Kidder"/"Playing Favorites"

Ep 2.: "Back to Basics"/"Report Cards"

Ep 3.: "The Cat Sitter"/"Addicted"

Ep 4.: "Spoiler-Itis"/"Something Fishy"

Ep 5.: "Baby Mama Drama"/"Ballet Boys"

Ep 6.: "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"/"The Wall"

Ep 7.: "The Gift"/"Theo Knows Best"

Ep 8.: "Simsky"/"Lucky Day"

Ep 9.: "Curiosity"/"House Pest"

Ep 10.: "The Fugitives"/"Sherlock Chipmunk"

Ep 11.: "Independence Day"/"Opposites Attract"

Ep 12.: "Temporary Mom"/"Tee Fore Two"

Ep 13.: "Dave Rebooted"/"Germs"

Ep 14.: "Theo's Big Night Out"/"The Bodyguard"

Ep 15.: "A Rose by Any Other Name"/"Queen Bee"

Ep 16.: "Talking Teddy's Revenge"/"Snail-A-Palooza"

Ep 17.: "Girls Night Out"/"Tables Turned"

Ep 18.: "Pack Animal"/"The Haunted Getaway"

Ep 19.: "School Alone"/"It Came from Outer Space"

Ep 20.: "Pizza Dash"/"Glory Days"

Ep 21.: "Switcheroo"/"The Paperboy"

Ep 22.: "Across the Universe"/"Britt's Picks"

Ep 23.: "The Devil Wears Rodentia"/"Career Day"

Ep 24.: "Lost in Space Camp"/"Super Hot Chocolate"

Ep 25.: "The C Team"/"The Great Chipmunk Detective"

Ep 26.: "Father Daughter Dance"/"Guitar Hero"

Season 4

Ep 1.: "The Toy"/"Bloodline"

Ep 2.: "Theodore's Calling"/"Clumsy Jeanette"

Ep 3.: "Adventures in Babysitting"/"Alvin's Assistant"

Ep 4.: "Mysterions"/"The Crow That Ate My Homework"

Ep 5.: "Simon Says"/"Sing Like a Canary"

Ep 6.: "Pirates Life"/"World Record"

Ep 7.: "Tour Bus"/"Game Show"

Ep 8.: "Alvin Management"/"Time Capsule"

Ep 9.: "Munk vs Machine"/"Shack Magic"

Ep 10.: "Big Bro Theodore"/"No Putts, No Glory"

Ep 11.: "Granny Awards"/"Sick Day"

Ep 12.: "The Exchange Student"/"Crystal Ball Birthday"

Ep 13.: "Artsy Smartsy"/"The Crush"

Ep 14.: "Best in Shoe"/"Royal Pain"

Ep 15.: "Between a Rope and a Hard Place"/"World Day"

Ep 16.: "Allergic Reaction"/"Lice-enced to Teach"

Ep 17.: "Animal House Party"/"Dr. Zap vs Electroboy"

Ep 18.: "Mega Bounce Battle"/"Gossip Guy"

Ep 19.: "Chimpmania"/???

What episode shots are these from?

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