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Ruby-Spears/Murakami-Wolf-Swenson Intro

DIC Entertainment Intro

Chipmunks Go to the Movies Intro

Season 1

Ep. 1

"The C-Team"

"The Chipettes"

Ep. 2

"Uncle Harry"

"Rock 'n' Robot"

Ep. 3

"The Television Stars"

"The Cruise"

Ep. 4: "The Chipmunks Story"

Ep. 5

"Mr. Fabulous"

"Grandpa and Grandma Seville"

Ep. 6

"Unidentified Flying Chipmunk"

"Mother's Day"

Ep. 7

"The Chip-Punks"

"From Here to Fraternity"

Ep. 8

"Urban Chipmunk"

"The Incredible Shrinking Dave"

Ep. 9

"Angelic Alvin"

"The Trouble With Nanny"

Ep. 10

"The Bully Ballet"

"Alvin... and the Chipmunk"

Ep. 11

"Swiss Family Chipmunks"

"Santa Harry"

Ep. 12

"A Dog's Best Friend Is His Chipmunk"

"The Curse of Lontiki"

Ep. 13

"Baseball Heroes"

"May the Best Chipmunk Win"

Season 2

Ep. 1

"The Chipmunk Who Bugged Me"

"Rich and Infamous"

Ep. 2

"Don't Be a Vidiot"

"A Horse, of Course"

Ep. 3

"The Camp Calomine Caper"

"Lights, Camera, Alvin"

Ep. 4

"Some Entrancing Evening"

"Match Play"

Ep. 5

"The Picture of Health"

"The Victrola Awards"

Ep. 6

"Royally Received"

"Gone Fishin'"

Ep. 7

"Setting the Record Straight"

"Father's Day Muffins"

Ep. 8

"Alvin on Ice"

"Operation Theodore"

Ep. 9

"The Gang's All Here"

"Snow Job"

Ep. 10

"Maids in Japan"

"My Fair Chipette"

Ep. 11

"New, Improved Simon"

"The Greatest Show-Offs on Earth"

Ep. 12

"Guardian Chipmunks"


Ep. 13

"Hat Today Gone Tomorrow"

"Snow Wrong"

Season 3

Ep. 1

"Film Flam"

"The Secret Life of Dave Seville"

Ep. 2

"Who Ghost There?"

"Romancing Miss Stone"

Ep. 3

"A Chip Off the Old Tooth"

"Three Alarm Alvin"

Ep. 4


"Court Action"

Ep. 5

"Good Old Simon"

"The Chipmunks Go to Washington"

Ep. 6

"Soccer to Me"

"Every Chipmunk Tells a Story"

Ep. 7

"A Little Worm in the Big Apple"

"Staying Afloat"

Ep. 8: "The Chipette Story"

Ep. 9

"The Prize Isn't Right"

"The Gold of My Dreams"

Ep. 10

"Mind Over Matterhorn"

"Alvin's Oldest Fan"

Season 4

Ep. 1: "Help Wanted: Mommy"

Ep. 2

"Teevee or Not Teevee"

"A Rash of Babies"

Ep. 3

"Whatever Happened to Dave Seville?"

"Simon Seville, Superstar"

Ep. 4

"Miss Miller's Big Gamble"

"Sweet Smell of Success"

Ep. 5: "Cinderella? Cinderella!"

Ep. 6

"Experiment in Error"

"How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?"

Ep. 7

"Middle-Aged Davey"

"I Love L.A."

Ep. 8

"Chipmunk Vice"

"Hooping It Up"

Season 5

Ep. 1

"Back to Dave's Future"

"Tell It to the Judge"

Ep. 2

"Sincerely Theodore"

"My Pharaoh Lady"

Ep. 3

"Simon Says"

"When the Chips Are Down"

Ep. 4

"Alvin, Alvin, Alvin!"

"Dave's Dream Cabin"

Ep. 5

"Old Friends"

"The Mystery of Seville Manor"

Ep. 6

"Ask Alvin"

"Theodore Lucks Out"

Ep. 7

"Big Dreams"

"Island Fever"

Ep. 8

"Just One of the Girls"

"Goin' Down to Dixie"

Season 6

Ep. 1: "Dreamlighting"

Ep. 2: "Elementary, My Dear Simon"

Ep. 3: "The Brunch Club"

Ep. 4: "Food for Thought"

Ep. 5: "Wings Over Siesta Grande"

Ep. 6: "Treasure Island"

Ep. 7: "Chipmunkmania"

Ep. 8: "Grounded Chipmunk"

Ep. 9: "Alvie's Angels"

Ep. 10: "Cadet's Regrets"

Ep. 11: "Alvin in Analysis"

Ep. 12: "Dave's Getting Married"

Ep. 13

"No Chipmunk Is an Island"

"Babysitter Fright Night"

Ep. 14: "Alvin's Summer Job"

Ep. 15: "Once Upon a Crime"

Ep. 16

"The Phantom"

"Mad About Alvin"

Ep. 17: "Vinny's Visit"

Ep. 18

"Uncle Adventure"

"Luck O' The Chipmunks"

Ep. 19

"Theodore and Juliet"

"Quarterback In Curlers"

Ep. 20

"The Wall"

"The Amazing Chipmunks"

Ep. 21

"Theodore's Life as a Dog"

"Queen of the High School Ballroom"

Ep. 22

"Psychic Alvin"

"A Special Kind of Champion"

Ep. 23

"Alvin's Obsession"

"Alvin's Not So Super Hero"

Ep. 24: "Dave's Wonderful Life"

Season 7

Ep. 1: "Cookie Chomper III"

Ep. 2

"Home Sweet Home"

"All Worked Up"

Ep. 3

"Nightmare on Seville Street"

"Thinking Cap Trap"

Ep. 4

"Bye, George"

"A Day in the Life"

Ep. 5

"Like Father, Like Son"

"Dr. Simon and Mr. Heartthrob"

Ep. 6

"Too Hip to Be Dave"

"Hearts and Flowers"

Ep. 7

"Maltese Chipmunk"

"Dear Diary"

Ep. 8

"Unfair Science"

"Shaking the Family Tree"

Ep. 9

"Inner Dave"

"The Legend of Sleeping Brittany"

Ep. 10

"Three Chipmunks and a Puppy"

"Phantom of the Rock Opera"

Ep. 11

"The Return of Uncle Adventure"

"The Princess and the Pig"

Ep. 12: "Alvin in Neverland"

Ep. 13: "Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll"

Season 8: The Chipmunks Go To The Movies

Ep. 1: "Back to Our Future"

Ep. 2: "Bigger"

Ep. 3: "Kong!"

Ep. 4: "Batmunk"

Ep. 5: "Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom"

Ep. 6: "Star Wreck: The Absolutely Final Frontier"

Ep. 7: "Robomunk"

Ep. 8: "S.T. The Space Traveler"

Ep. 9: "Irrational Buffoon's European Vacation"

Ep. 10: "Chip Tracy"

Ep. 11: "Gremlionis"

Ep. 12: "Sploosh"

Ep. 13: "Funny, We Shrunk the Adults"