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August 4, 2004


You have to help Grandpa find the power rings otherwise Alphabet Park will shut-down. You go through each area in a side-scrolling game collecting power rings and focusing on certain areas of learning. Toy Shop:Letters and Letter Order, Monsterville: Letters, Jungle Ride: Letters and Objects, Bug World: Colors and Shapes, Secret Garden: Objects, Fun Fair: Letters and Objects.

Sound Effects Used

This game mainly uses Series 4000, with a few Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros and only two Series 6000 sound effects. There are no Hollywood Edge or Elektra Records sound effects in this game.

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Audio Samples

(Sound Ideas, CLASSICAL, MUSIC - THEME 4: PIANO, as heard in the game.)

(Sound Ideas, CARTOON, LAUGHTER - FEMALE: HILARIOUS LAUGHTER, HUMAN 02, as heard in the game.)

(Sound Ideas, CARTOON, DUCK - QUACKING, ANIMAL, BIRD 02, as heard in the game.)

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