Season 1

Ep 1.: "My First Day at Daycare"

Ep 2.: "Small Is Beautiful"

Ep 3.: "The Imaginary Zoo"

Ep 4.: "The Zootabaga Caper"

Ep 5.: "Where's Godfrey?"

Ep 6.: "I've Got A Secret!"

Ep 7.: "Lots of Turkey Pox"

Ep 8.: "My Own Monster"

Ep 9.: "Don't Touch My Stuff!"

Ep 10.: "The Big Concert"

Ep 11.: "Puppy Power To The Rescue"

Ep 12.: "Allegra Has a Bad Day"

Ep 13.: "When is Reed Coming Home?"

Ep 14.: "Bandages R Us!"

Ep 15.: "Nothing To Do"

Ep 16.: "Read Me a Story"

Ep 17.: "Waiting for Grandma"

Ep 18.: "Time Out"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "A Box Divided"

Ep 2.: "Mr. Cook Babysits"

Ep 3.: "Here's Poco"

Ep 4.: "The Big Mystery"

Ep 5.: "Copy Cat, Copy Cat, Go Away!"

Ep 6.: "A Frog Named Steve"

Ep 7.: "Topsy Turvy Day"

Ep 8.: "Kids That Go Bump In The Night"

Ep 9.: "Stop Making Sense"

Ep 10.: "Spring is Here!"

Ep 11.: "Best Friend Blues"

Ep 12.: "Beautiful Dreamers"

Ep 13.: "Strange Vet Fellows"

Ep 14.: "Clean-up Kids"

Ep 15.: "Mitten Weather"

Ep 16.: "Poco's 2 1/2 Birthday"

Ep 17.: "Doodlehead"

Ep 18.: "Brother for Sale"

Ep 19.: "Quacky Quack"

Ep 20.: "The Wishing Stone"

Ep 21.: "I Made It Myself"

Ep 22.: "Play It Again Allegra"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Nest Sweet Nest"

Ep 2.: "Pony, No Baloney"

Ep 3.: "Bubble Trouble"

Ep 4.: "Have Your Cakes"

Ep 5.: "A Hero's Tail"

Ep 6.: "Make It Special"

Ep 7.: "Fun House"

Ep 8.: "A Tangled Web"

Ep 9.: "Sticky Situation"

Ep 10.: "Mr. Cook's Christmas"

Reed's Sound Jar Segments

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