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September 21, 1996 – November 6, 1998


Charlie and Itchy live in San Francisco as guardian angels. In each episode, they are given an assignment by Anabelle but, while they try to do the right thing, they become caught up in the middle of awkward situations. Charlie’s callous enemy Carface and his sidekick, Killer returning from the first film, also appeared in the series, as did Charlie’s friends: the dog Sasha, the dog-angel Anabelle, and the human kid David. Finally, the series also featured two new characters named Bess, a pure bred award winning show dog and Itchy's love interest, and Belladonna, Anabelle's demonic cousin. The series makes several changes to the second film, which led many fans to consider the series as not-canon at all. For example, Charlie and Sasha were shown as being a couple at the end of the second film, however, in the series, they seem to have never had a first date together; also, Itchy decides to stay in Heaven, but he is alive in the series, although it is explained later in the series why he is on Earth instead of being in Heaven.

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