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March 29, 1996

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 is a 1996 animated musical fantasy comedy-adventure film, and a sequel to Goldcrest Films' 1989 animated film All Dogs Go To Heaven. It is directed by Larry Leker and Paul Sabella and produced by MGM Animation. The film was released on March 29, 1996.

The "Sound EFX" services was provided by Visiontrax, Inc. Gary S. Gerlich and Elliott Kortez were the Supervising Sound Editors. Dan O'Connell and John T. Cucci performed foley at One Step Up, recorded by Linda Lew.


Nearly 60 years after the events of the first film, Charlie B. Barkin (Charlie Sheen) welcomes his friend, Itchy (Dom DeLuise), to Heaven, but states that he is disillusioned by the afterlife. Their old nemesis, Carface Caruthers (Ernest Borgnine), steals Gabriel's Horn, but loses it somewhere over San Francisco in his attempt to escape with it. When the head angel Annabelle (Bebe Neuwirth) announces the horn's theft, Charlie submits his candidacy to retrieve it, reminding Annabelle of his familiarity with street life. Annabelle sends Charlie and Itchy to Earth to retrieve it, and gives them one miracle to use. Upon arrival in San Francisco, Charlie and Itchy attempt to indulge in their old habits, but they discover that they are ghosts, and therefore unable to interact with the physical world. At a tavern where Charlie is enchanted by a beautiful and charming Irish Setter named Sasha La Fleur (Sheena Easton), Carface appears in a corporeal form granted by a red dog collar created by Red (George Hearn), an elderly dog fortune teller who gives Charlie and Itchy equivalent collars effective for a single day. Unbeknownst to the duo, Red is actually a large demonic cat who intends to take the horn for himself with Carface's help.

Charlie and Itchy meet Sasha and an 8-year-old human boy she is looking after named David (Adam Wylie), who ran away from home to become a street magician. Charlie uses his miracle to grant Sasha the ability to converse with David, who comes to believe that Charlie is his guardian angel. Charlie sees the horn being taken into an SFPD police station and recovers it, but in his reluctance to return to Heaven, he hides it in a lobster trap. After David's street performance ends in failure, he finally reveals that he believes that his father and stepmother, who are expecting a new baby, will care less for him once it is born. Charlie persuades him otherwise and promises to return him home, but privately expresses to Sasha his doubts on being able to fulfill his promise. Charlie and Itchy's collars vanish, and they once more become ghosts.

Carface kidnaps David and orders Charlie to bring Gabriel's horn to Alcatraz Island and give it to Red in exchange for David's life. Determined to keep his word, Charlie satisfies Red's demand, and Red uses the horn to capture and imprison Heaven's canine angels in Alcatraz while opening a portal to permanently connect the human world to Hell. After a struggle against Red, Charlie regains the horn and plays it to free the angels and send Red and Carface – the latter having sold his soul for his collar – back to Hell. Charlie and Itchy are spirited away to Heaven, and Charlie gives the horn back to Anabelle in exchange for a new life. Charlie bids farewell to Itchy, who decides to remain in Heaven, and while Anabelle and Itchy return to Heaven, Charlie returns to San Francisco and happily reunites with Sasha and David. David returns home and reconciles with his relieved father and stepmother. Charlie and Sasha, who have become mates, are adopted by David's family as pets.

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