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Alan Howarth Signature Series is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was originally released in 2000.

Sound Categories


Apache Heli Pass Ove AHS010101

Apache Heli Pass Ove AHS010201

Apache Heli Pass Ove AHS010301

Apache Heli Pass Ove AHS010401

Apache Heli Pass Ove AHS010501

Apache Heli Pass Ove AHS010601

Apache Heli Pass Ove AHS010701

Apache Heli Pass Ove AHS010801

Apache Heli Pass Ove AHS010901

Apache Heli Exterio AHS011001

Apache Heli Interio AHS011101

Apache Heli Hover Go AHS011201

Apache Heli Hover Go AHS011301

Apache Heli Hover Go AHS011401

Apache Heli Hover Di AHS011501

Heli Blade Whops Slo AHS011601

Heli Blade Whops Med AHS011701

Heli Blade Whops Fas AHS011801

Heli Blade Whops Slo AHS011901

Heli Blade Whops Med AHS012001

Heli Blade Whops Slo AHS012101

Aircraft-Prop Military

Plane P38 Pass By Slo AHS012201

Plane P38 Pass By Slo AHS012301

Plane P38 Pass By Fas AHS012401

Plane P38 Pass By Fas AHS012501

Plane P38 Pass By Fas AHS012601

Plane P38 Pass By Fas AHS012701

Plane P38 Pass By Fas AHS012801

Plane P38 Takeoff Pa AHS012901

Plane P38 ExteriorS AHS013001

Plane P38 InteriorS AHS013101

Plane P51 Pass By Lef AHS013201

Plane P51 Pass By Fas AHS013301

Plane Japanese Zero AHS013401

Plane Japanese Zero AHS013501

Plane Japanese Zero AHS013601

Plane Japanese Zero AHS013701

Plane Japanese Zero AHS013801

Computers & Beeps

Computer Switch OnD AHS013901

Computer Switch Bee AHS014001

Computer Switch Bee AHS014101

Computer Switch Bee AHS014201

Computer Switch OnD AHS014301

Dot Matrix PrinterC AHS014401

Radios & Static

Voices 2 Way Radio Co AHS014501

Rooms & Tones

Mainframe Computer AHS014601

Machines-Construction & Factory

Assembly Area HighP AHS014701

Assembly Area Machi AHS014801

Assembly Area Grind AHS014901

Assembly Area Rivet AHS015001

Machine Blowers Ste AHS015101

Industrial Fans Blo AHS015201

Industrial Fans Blo AHS015301

Industrial Fans Blo AHS015401

Industrial Fans Blo AHS015501

Impacts & Crashes-Metal

Hammer Metal AnvilH AHS015601

Reverberant MetalI AHS015701

Single Metal Impact AHS015801

Axe Hit Car Hood Crea AHS015901

Metal Manhole Cover AHS016001

Metal Fall Down Stai AHS016101

Metal Slide Clink To AHS016201

Switches & Levers

Metal Lever Mechani AHS016301


Metal Hydraulic Ser AHS016401


Medium Distant Trai AHS016501

Medium Distant Trai AHS016601

Big Engine By Only Lo AHS016701

Train Engine By Clos AHS016801

Train Engine By Clos AHS016901

Train By Heavy Close AHS017001

Train By Very CloseP AHS017101

Train By Very CloseP AHS017201

Train Idle Engine Be AHS017301

Train Horn Blasts Cl AHS017401

Train Rev Up Down ToI AHS017501

Train Rev Up Down ToI AHS017601

Train Start Up Throt AHS017701

Train Run Engine Off AHS017801

Train Run Steady Int AHS017901

Train Wheels ClankS AHS018001

Train Wheels Squeak AHS018101

Train Wheels Squeak AHS018201

Train Wheels Squeak AHS018301

Train Wheels Squeak AHS018401

Volcano & Earthquake

Snow Slide Down Moun AHS020101

Snow Slide Down Moun AHS020201


Flaming Debris Flyb AHS020301

Explosion Debris

Dirt Debris Falling AHS020401

Dirt Debris Falling AHS020501


Debris Flybys FastS AHS020601

Volcano & Earthquake

Explosive Earth Roc AHS020701

Explosive Earth Roc AHS020801

Explosive Earth Roc AHS020901

Stress Fault Pre OrP AHS021001

Stress Fault Pre OrP AHS021101

Extended Landslide AHS021201

Ripping LandslideE AHS021301

Impacts & Crashes-Rocks & Sand

Landslide Effect Lo AHS021401

Big Rock Hits Slides AHS021501

Big Rock Hits 3x AHS021601

Big Rock Hits 3x AHS021701

Big Rock Hits 3x AHS021801

Big Rock Hits 3x AHS021901

Big Rock Hits 3x AHS022001

Big Rock Hits 2x AHS022101

Big Rock Hits 4x AHS022201

Slower Big Rock Hits AHS022301

Slower Big Rock Hits AHS022401

Slower Big Rock Hits AHS022501

Explosive Rock Brea AHS022601

Explosive Rock Brea AHS022701

Ceramic Rock Moveme AHS022801

Ceramic Rock Moveme AHS022901

Ceramic Rock Moveme AHS023001

Ceramic Rock Moveme AHS023101

Ceramic Rock Moveme AHS023201

Ceramic Rock Moveme AHS023301

Ceramic Rock Moveme AHS023401


Chemical Fire RoarL AHS023501

Flaming Debris Flyb AHS023601

Flaming Debris Flyb AHS023701

Fireplace Fire Bass AHS023801

Fireplace Fire Smal AHS023901

Wood Fire Roar FromI AHS024001

Exterior Fire LotsC AHS024101

Exterior CampfireP AHS024201

Hillside Fire Burni AHS024301


Coleman Lantern His AHS024401


Fuse Burning Up To Dy AHS024501

Gas Furnace Ignitio AHS024601

Gas Furnace Ignitio AHS024701

Break Street FlareD AHS024801

Street Flare Burnin AHS024901

Chemical Flame Flar AHS025001

Chemical Flame Flar AHS025101

Larger Chemical Fla AHS025201

Chemical Flame Flar AHS025301

Chemical Flame Flar AHS025401


Explosive Fire Burs AHS025501

Explosive Fire Burs AHS025601

Explosive Fire Burs AHS025701

Explosive Fire Burs AHS025801

Explosive Fire Burs AHS025901

Flame Thrower Blast AHS026001


Hand Held Torch Fire AHS026101

Hand Held Torch Fire AHS026201

Hand Held Torch Fire AHS026301

Waving Torch FrontM AHS026401

Waving Torch FrontM AHS026501

Impacts & Crashes-Ice

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS026601

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS026701

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS026801

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS026901

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS027001

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS027101

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS027201

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS027301

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS027401

Chop Ice On Lake Shor AHS027501


Gusty Storm Winds Me AHS027601

Gusty Storm Windshi AHS027701

Hurricane Wind Howl AHS027801

Hurricane Wind Howl AHS027901

Stormy Wind DebrisB AHS028001

Buffeting Wind High AHS028101

Wind High Whistle Th AHS028201

Wind Mid Whistle Thr AHS028301


Electric Starter Lo AHS030101

Electric Start Good AHS030201

Long Electric Start AHS030301

Multiple Cars Start AHS030401

Indy Car Pit Excel Ou AHS030501

Car Drives Rev Engin AHS030601

Car Pit Crew Revs Eng AHS030701

Car Drives Engine Tu AHS030801

Pit Crew Tire Change AHS030901

Pit Crew Tire Change AHS031001

Pit Crew Drills Tire AHS031101

Start Rev Excel OutT AHS031201

Driving Around Trac AHS031301

Driving Around Trac AHS031401

Slower Passby Right AHS031501

Slower By Right To Le AHS031601

Indy Car Slow By Righ AHS031701

Indy Car Medium Fast AHS031801

2 Indy Cars Medium Fa AHS031901

1 Slow By Pit Pit Boss AHS032001

1 Slow By Right To Lef AHS032101

2 Indy Cars Medium Fa AHS032201

Medium By ShiftingR AHS032301

2 Indy Cars Medium Fa AHS032401

Very Fast By Shift Be AHS032501

Indy Car Fast By Smoo AHS032601

Indy Car Fast By Good AHS032701

Indy Car Fast By Good AHS032801

Indy Car Fast By Good AHS032901

Indy Car Fast By Good AHS033001

Indy Car Fast By Good AHS033101

Indy Car Fast By Good AHS033201

2 Indy Cars Fast By Go AHS033301

2 Indy Cars Fast By Go AHS033401

2 Indy Cars Fast By Go AHS033501

4 Indy Cars Fast By Me AHS033601

Indy Car Fast By Good AHS033701

Rolex 24 Hour Dayton AHS033801

Daytona Speedway Ni AHS033901

Night Trials Long Ta AHS034001

Night Trials Fast In AHS034101

Night Trials Big Dow AHS034201

Night Trials Big Dow AHS034301

Night Trials Long Ta AHS034401

Night Trials Pit Pov AHS034501

Night Trials Pit Pov AHS034601

Night Trials Pit Pov AHS034701

Night Trials Pit Rev AHS034801

Night Trials Pit Wal AHS034901

Night Trials Pit Pov AHS035001

Night Trials Big Dow AHS035101

Night Trials Big Dow AHS035201

Night Trials Big Dow AHS035301

Night Trials Down Sh AHS035401

Night Trials Fast By AHS035501

Night Trials Pit Pov AHS035601

Night Trials Turn 4 P AHS035701

Night Trials Pit Pov AHS035801

Night Trials Turn 4 L AHS035901

Night Trials Pit Pov AHS036001

Night Trials Pit Pov AHS036101

Wagons Carts & Carriages

Mule Cart Chains AHS036201

Mule Cart Onboard Re AHS036301

Mule Cart Walking Pa AHS036401

Mule Cart Walking Pa AHS036501

Airports & Stations

New York Airport Mul AHS036601

New York Airport Mul AHS036701


Walk Through Israel AHS036801

Walk Through Israel AHS036901

Walk Through Israel AHS037001

Walk Through Israel AHS037101

Israeli Market Plac AHS037201

Crowd-EXT Various

Rock Diva Leaves Hot AHS037301

Crowd-Arena EXT

Rock Diva At Balcony AHS037401

Crowd Swoons At Sigh AHS037501

Crowd-Arena INT

Large Crowd CheersF AHS037601

Large Crowd CheersA AHS037701

Large Crowd CheersA AHS037801

Crowd Frenzy For Div AHS037901

Crowd-EXT Various

Crowd Applause Whis AHS038001


Throaty Growl Saliv AHS040101

Throaty Growl Saliv AHS040201

Monster Growl Roar AHS040301


Group Bats SqueaksM AHS040401

Single Squeaks Clos AHS040501


Growls Hiss For Were AHS040601

Growls Asthmatic Br AHS040701


Wolf Howl Reverb For AHS040801

Wolf Pack Howling On AHS040901

Wolf Pack Howling On AHS041001


Dogs Bark To Intrude AHS041101

Dogs Bark To Intrude AHS041201


Castle Gate Mechani AHS041301


Metal Gate Slam Natu AHS041401


Metal Lock Slides Bu AHS041501

Castle Gate Mechani AHS041601

Castle Gate Mechani AHS041701

Castle DrawbridgeM AHS041801

Castle DrawbridgeM AHS041901

Castle DrawbridgeM AHS042001

Castle DrawbridgeM AHS042101

Castle DrawbridgeM AHS042201

Castle DrawbridgeM AHS042301

Castle DrawbridgeM AHS042401

Water-Underwater FX

Water Through Tubes AHS042501


Lion Breath Through AHS042601

Human Breath Throug AHS042701

Human Breath Throug AHS042801

Human Breath Throug AHS042901

Human Breath Throug AHS043001

Sci-Fi Drones & Tones

Deep Rumble Movemen AHS043101

Deep Rumble Movemen AHS043201


Wind Movement Filte AHS043301

Sci-Fi Eerie FX

Vampire Women Group AHS043401

Vampire Women Group AHS043501

Sci-Fi Drones & Tones

Dark Bass Tone Low St AHS043601

Dark Tones Low Stead AHS043701

Dark Tones Low Stead AHS043801

Castle Bass Tones Om AHS043901

Castle Tones Ominou AHS044001

Sci-Fi Eerie FX

Pulsing Lab Machine AHS044101

Pulsing Lab Machine AHS044201

Vs 2400 Evil Presenc AHS044301


Ghostly Breathy Ton AHS044401

Sci-Fi Eerie FX

Wispy Vocal Tone Cre AHS044501

Spirit Air Spiral Fo AHS044601

Ripping Air Tone Spa AHS044701

Water Drops ReverbF AHS044801

Sci-Fi Eerie Stingers

Death Chime Tolls Ho AHS044901

Sci-Fi Drones & Tones

Dark Bell Tone Pitch AHS045001

Sci-Fi Eerie FX

Sucking Vortex Vacu AHS045101

Screechy Dry Ice Scr AHS045201

High Velocity Vorte AHS045301

Spirit Wind Desolat AHS045401

Spirit Wind Desolat AHS045501

Spirit Wind Desolat AHS045601

Spirit Wind Desolat AHS045701


Horse In Stop On Grav AHS045801

Horse Gallop By On Sh AHS045901

Horse Gallop In Stop AHS046001

Horse Fast RunningL AHS046101

Horse Medium Runnin AHS046201

Horse Bridle Millin AHS046301

Slow Gallop By On Gra AHS046401

Slow Gallop By On Gra AHS046501

Medium Slow GallopB AHS046601

Smooth Gallop By Med AHS046701

Faster Gallop By Hor AHS046801

Medium Gallop By Hor AHS046901

Horse Gallop Fast To AHS047001

Horse Gallop Trot Wa AHS047101

Group Horses Run Fas AHS047201

Horse Run Fast Foley AHS047301

Horse Thru Water Fol AHS047401

Horse Gallop Thru Wa AHS047501

Horse Gallop Thru Wa AHS047601

Horse In Stop FoleyE AHS047701

Horse Medium Gallop AHS047801

Group Horse GallopT AHS047901

Group Horse GallopT AHS048001

Group Horse GallopT AHS048101

Horse Walking Mediu AHS048201

Horse Walking Mediu AHS048301

Horse Vocal Short Ef AHS048401

Horse Vocal Slightl AHS048501

Horse Vocal More Exc AHS048601

Horse Vocal FasterR AHS048701

Horse Vocal Very Exc AHS048801

Horse Whinny Excite AHS048901

Horse Whinny Excite AHS049001

Horse Whinny Excite AHS049101

Horse Whinny Excite AHS049201

Horse Whinny Effect AHS049301

Animals-Bird BGs

Israel Biblical Res AHS050101

Israel Biblical Res AHS050201

Israel Biblical Res AHS050301

Israel Biblical Res AHS050401

Rooms & Tones

Israel Tomb Interio AHS050501

Animals-Bird BGs

Early Morning Birds AHS050601

Early Morning Birds AHS050701

Early Morning Birds AHS050801


Desert Presence Cam AHS050901

Foley Footsteps

Footsteps On Mounta AHS051001

Water-Underwater FX

Water Glugs Movemen AHS051101

Thick Substrate Bub AHS051201

Bubbles Underwater AHS051301

Bubbles Released At AHS051401

Bubbles Released At AHS051501

Sharp Electrical Ch AHS051601

Sharp Electrical Ch AHS051701

Harbors & Marinas

Long Beach Harbor Ne AHS051801

Long Beach Harbor Fr AHS051901

Boats & Ships

Sonar Beeps Left Cha AHS052001

Submarine Submerge AHS052101

Submarine Cruses Ex AHS052201

Water-Underwater FX

Explosions Process AHS052301

Explosions Process AHS052401

Explosions SofterA AHS052501

River Effect Played AHS052601

Reverb Effect Playe AHS052701

Surface Effect Play AHS052801

Under Boat Cove Smal AHS052901

Underwater Movemen AHS053001

Underwater Movemen AHS053101

Strange Voice Effec AHS053201

Strange Voice Effec AHS053301

Strange Voice Effec AHS053401

Bird Bg 12 Speed Thro AHS053501

Bird Bg 12 Speed Thro AHS053601

Bird Bg 12 Speed Thro AHS053701

Bubbles Rise UnderR AHS053801

Bubbles Rise UnderR AHS053901


Close Up On Mediterr AHS054001

Close Up On Mediterr AHS054101

Close Up On Mediterr AHS054201

Close Up On Mediterr AHS054301

Close Up On Mediterr AHS054401

Close Up On Mediterr AHS054501

Close Up On Desert St AHS054601

Desert Stream Water AHS054701

Desert Stream Water AHS054801

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