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Goodbye, Galaxy Express 999 -Andromeda Terminal Station~, also referred to as Adieu Galaxy Express 999 is a film directed by Rintaro, inspired by the manga and anime for the Galaxy Express 999 series. It is the sequel to the 1979 film, also directed by Rintaro.


Tetsuro Hoshino returns to Earth. What awaited him was a bloody battle between mechanized humans and the few remaining humans. One day, a message arrives from a familiar voice. "Tetsuro, get on the 999," Maetel's voice echoed. The 999 was completely different, and now computerized. A new waitress named Metalmena was on board in place of Clair.

La Metal is the first planet the 999 stops at, and is the birthplace of Maetel. Tetsuro meets Meowdar, a young man who he becomes friends with. Meowdar tells him rumors, such as Maetel taking the place of Promethium. Tetsuro is able to return to the station, with help from Captain Harlock. As he tries to board the 999, Maetel makes her return. Maetel advises him to get off the train, but Tetsuro wants to continue his journey.

After an encounter with the Black Knight Faust, the 999 arrives at the final station, Planet Great Andromeda.

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