Season 1

"Competitive Edge"

"Building The Perfect Beast"

"Building Grey Areas"

"Storm Front"

"Gremlin In The Gears"

"Double Vision"

"Into The Abyss"

"Out Of The Shadows"

"Lost In The Funhouse"

"The Hereafter Factor"

"Cold War"

"Swarm: Part 1"

"Swarm: Part 2"

Season 2

"Green Thoughts"


"Ground Zero"

"Tower Of Power"

"Rumble: Part 1"

"Rumble: Part 2"

"Search and Destroy"

"The Triton Factor"

"Mann's Best Friend"

"Mann Hunt"

"Tangled Up in Green"

"The Ultimate Doom - Part 1"

"The Ultimate Doom - Part 2"

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