Season 1: A Channel

"Love - An April Day"

"A Bath on a Rainy Day - As rain fell"

"Classmates - All good to go"

"Kilogram - Attention to your weight"

"Sea - An ocean far away"

"A Midsummer Night's... - A school in summer"

"Summer Festival - August's End"

"New Term - Abnormal circumstance"

"Present - Abstract art"

"Fizzy - Act up"

"Birthday - Allow me"

"Alien - Anytime"

Season 2: +A Channel




"Right now"

"Show me"


"Such a Day"

"It came"


"Mr. Genzō"

"Character Bento"

A Channel + smile OVA

"Mountain of Pancakes - An accident"

"A Picture of a Wish - A Happy new year"

"Let's have hot pot - Alexandrite in the pot"

What episode shots are these from?

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