"August 31st (The Last Day)"

"The Book of the Law"

"The Amakusa Church"

"Voice of the Magicbane (Sheol Fear)"

"Lotus Wand"

"Wreckage (Remnant)"

"Coordinate Relocation (Move Point)"

"The Daihasei Festival"

"Pursuit Inhibited (Route Disturb)"

"Stenographic Sourcebook (Shorthand)"

"Stab Sword"

"The Observatory (Belvedere)"

"Apostolic Cross (Croce di Pietro)"

"City of Water"

"Queen's Fleet"

"Rosary of the Appointed Time"

"Penalty Game"

"Specimen Number (Serial Number)"

"Amata Kihara (The Researcher)"

"Hound Squad (Hound Dog)"

"Learning Device (Testament)"

"The Divine Retribution Spell"


"Armed Gang (Skill-Out)"

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