"Academy City"

"The Witch Hunting King (Innocentius)"

"The Church of Necessary Evil (Necessarius)"

"Perfect Memory Ability"

"12 o'clock (Limit)"

"Fantasy Killer (Imagine Breaker)"

"Misawa Cram School (Science Cult)"

"Gold Transmutation (Ars Magna)"

"Vampire Killer (Deep Blood)"

"Big Sister (Mikoto Misaka)"

"Sisters (Sisters)"

"Absolute Power (Level 6)"

"One Way (Accelerator)"

"Strongest vs. Weakest (Weakest vs. Strongest)"

"Angel Fall (Angel Fall)"

"Father (Tōya Kamijō)"

"Archangel (The Power of God)"

"Impostor (Replica)"

"The End (Last Order)"

"Final Signal (Virus Code)"

"Identity Unknown (Counter Stop)"

"Statue (Golem)"

"Hyōka Kazakiri (Friends)"

"Imaginary Number School District - Five-Element Agency"

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