Sound Effects Tracklist

Landau, single horse

Coaches with horses: Coach, four horses

Coaches with horses: On board a coach

Coaches with horses: Post horn

Coaches with horses: Carriage/coach, 2 horses

Coaches with horses: Carriage, single horse

Cart horses drawing a farm cart

Horse drawing a cart

2 cart horses pulling farm cart

Pony and trap

Sail type corn cutter drawn by 2 horses

Moving with corn cutter

Steam traction engine: Moving and stopping

Steam traction engine: 4 whistles

Steam traction engine: Stationary, driving corn threshing machinery

Steam driven roundabout with organ

Electric tram cars, motor traffic

Tram cars

On board a tram car

Newspaper sellers on street corner

Fire engine

Steam ship siren

Steam ship engines

Telegraph ringing

Engines start again and run at varying speeds

Steam Ship's engines, running at steady speed: heard from cabin below decks

Paddle steamer at sea: paddles heard below deck

Paddle steamer at sea: Paddles heard on deck

On board steam ship

Steam ship siren

River steamer: Engine running

River steamer: Telegraph ring

Colliery exterior

Colliery interior

London underground station

World War One fighter aircraft: Engine starting

World War One fighter aircraft: Accelerates and slows down

World War One fighter aircraft: Engine accelerating and stopping

Aircraft with twin propeller-type engines

World War II aircraft: Single propeller-type engine

World War II aircraft: Twin propeller engine

Single propeller-type engine: Starting and accelerating

Single propeller-type engine: Approach and flying past

Single propeller-type engine: Approach and circle

4 World War 2 aircraft, single engines: Flying past, approach

2 World War 2 aircraft

Cavalry: troop riding past

Cavalry: Troop drawing swords

Cavalry: Brigade galloping past

Cavalry: Troop approaching

Horse-drawn gun carriage

Horse-drawn sleigh

Barrel organ in street

Children in street singing two different songs

Traffic and pedestrians on street in 1950s

Pre-decimal coinage street trader

In Old Stock Exchange: bell ringing, trading begins

In Old Stock Exchange: Interior of Exchange, trading

Factory hooter, steam-operated

Factory exit, workers leaving work

1825-type steam locomotive

British railway station

North American steam locomotive whistles

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