Sound Effects Tracklist

Airport - Interior Of Main Hall

Airport - Exterior Of Main Buildings

Jet Aircraft Take Off

Jet Aircraft, Slow Overhead

Jet Aircraft Landing

Helicopter Approach, Fly Past And Away

Airport - Interior Of Control Tower

Cow Mooing

Pig Squealing

Donkey Braying

Ox Cart Passing

Horse Neighing

Cows With Cow Bells

Hunting - Meet Of Hunt

Hunting - Horses Pass In Pursuit

Hunting - Hounds Baying And Barking

Hunting - Huntsman Sounds Horn

Hunting - Whiplash

Owl Screeching

Owl Hooting

Rooks And Songbirds At Dusk

Bird In Spring/Summer


Chicken - Contented Clucking

Chickens - Alarmed, Agitated, Squawking

Pigeons In Town - Cooing And Fluttering

Village Ambience In Southern Mediterranean Country

Frogs Croaking In Southern Mediterranean Country

Tropical Night - Ambience In Open Country

Tropical Day - Ambience On Hot Day In Open Country

Tropical Birds - Ibis And Dove

Birds In Tropical Forest

Tropical Birds In Trees At Waterside

Tropical Jungle/Forest - Night Ambience

Seaside - Waves Break Gently

Seaside - Bathers Happily Splashing Around

Seaside - Very Rough Sea

Water Lapping Gently

Small River - Fast Flowing Over Rocks

On Board A Small Motor Boat

Outboard Motor Boat

Heavy Rain Falling And Dripping From Roof

Heavy Rain Falling On Hard Surface

Steady Rain And Rumble Of Thunder

Hurricane Force Wind

Town Street In Britain 1960s

ASV, Crowds Of People Moving Around Outdoors, Chatting

Drums And Bugles In Procession Passing By

Applause From Small Group Of People Outdoors

Squad Of Troops March Past

Third World Type City Ambience - Vintage Traffic In Streets

Bazaar/Street Market In Near East Type Country - Busy Ambience

Animated Crowd In Theatre Foyer/Hotel Lobby Type Location

Pub Interior - Busy With Happy Lively Customers

Interior Theatre/Concert Hall Type Building - Orchestra Starts Tuning Up

Racecourse - Bookmakers On Course, Taking Bets, Shouting Odds

Racecourse - Group Of Spectators At Rails Cheer Some Passing Horses

Racecourse - Group Of Spectators Near Finishing Post At Finish Of Race

Betting Shop Interior - Loudspeaker Commentary On Race

Auctioneer At Country Auction

Fairground/Street Fair - General Ambience With Fairground Organ, Stallholders And Customers

Fairground - Excited Reactions And Screams

Rush-Hour Commuters

Large Railway Station

Ice Skating On Frozen Lake

Footsteps In Deep Crisp Snow

Clock, Church Type - Musical Chime Then Strikes Nine

Church Bells (British) Ringing

European Continental Clock Bells Ringing

Bulldozers And Other Heavy Machinery Working On Construction Site

Diesel Locomotive With Express Passenger Train, Whistle And Pass, Fast

Diesel Locomotive, Stationary, Whistles

Diesel Train Leaving Station

Electric Locomotive With Express Passenger Train, Approach And Pass

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