Sound Effects Tracklist

Clock - Town Hall Type - Chimes ¾ Hour

Clock - Town Hall Type - Chimes And Strikes 10

Clock - Village Church Type - Strikes 12 - Heard Exterior

Clock - Village Church Type - Strikes 12 - Heard Interior

Large Clock Ticking - Heard Interior

Bells In A Country Church - Ringing Changes

Bells Of A Larger Town-Type Church - Ringing

Single Bell - Starts Ringing, Rings Irregularly Then Stops

Single Bell Tolling

Carillon - Plays One Tune

Large Heavy Door - Bolt Unfastened, Door Open And Closed, Bolt Fastened

Large Heavy Door - Creaking Hinges - Slowly Opened And Closed

Hunting Rifle - Fires Once

Army-Type Rifle - Fires Once

Machine Gun - Fires Three Bursts

Bombs - A Group Of Bombs Whistle And Burst Separately

Large Explosion

Artillery - Guns Firing

Artillery - Distant Guns Fire, Shells Land And Burst Close

Industrial Machinery

Machinery On Construction Site

Pneumatic Drills At Road Works In Town

Newspaper Printing Press Running At Steady Speed

Fire Engine / Ambulance / Police-Type Vehicle - Moving Fast Along Street With Siren Sounding

Animated Crowd In A Large Hall

Light Applause From Audience In Large Hall/Theatre

Enthusiastic And Prolonged Applause From A Large Audience

Enthusiastic Applause From A Small Group In A Club-Type Room

Large Crowd Outdoors - Clapping And Cheering

Race Course - Crowd Excitedly Reacting To Finish Of A Race

Football Stadium - Various Reactions Of Large Crowd During A Match

Interior Of Pub Bar - Happy Chatter From Customers

Interior Of Large Echoing Museum-Type Building - Footsteps Of People Moving Around On Hard Floor

Interior Of Cathedral - Footsteps Of Some People Moving Around - Sound Of Organ And Voices Of Priests Chanting In Distant Background

Children Playing Game In School Playground

Large Dog Barking When Disturbed At Isolated Situation In Country Or Town

Large Fierce Dogs - Angry - Growling And Snarling

Angry Dog - Growling And Snarling

Group Of Dogs Fighting

Group Of Small Dogs - Excitedly Running Around Yapping And Barking

Cat Purring

Cat Miaowing

Cat - Unhappy Miaowing - Shut Inside Building

Thunderstorm Approaching - Rain Starts And Becomes Heavy

Thunder - Close - Echoing Away - Slight Rain

Thunderstorm - Starts Close Then Gradually Recedes - Rain Increasingly Heavy

Rain Beating Against Window Panes - Driven By Strong Wind

Wind Whistling - Heard Interior

Wind Whistling Through Wires - Heard Exterior

Wind Moaning - Heard Interior

Fog Horn At A Lighthouse - Sounding At Regular Intervals

Klaxon-Type Foghorn - Sounds Once

Ship's Siren, Bell Buoys, Etc - In Foggy Conditions At A Busy Sea Port

Seagulls In Town

Seagulls On The Shore

Single Seagull On The Beach

Motor Fishing Boats Move Out From Harbour - Seagulls Wheel Overhead

Waves Breaking On Sandy Shingle Beach - Sea Quite Calm

Waves Breaking On Rocks

Rough Sea - Heavy Waves Breaking On Shore

Rough Sea - Waves Break On Harbour Wall Sending Spray Onto Jetty

Waves Breaking Lazily On Pebble Beach

Waves Gurgling Around Inside Entrance To A Cave

Water Trickling Into A Pool

Fast Running River

River Running Over Rocky Shallows

Coots And Moorhens Call And Splash Around On The Water

Ducks Feeding In Water

Swan And Cygnets Feeding In Water

Duck Alarmed - Takes Off From Water

Geese - Alarmed And Agitated

Rooks - In A Large Rookery

Rooks - Large Number Fly Overhead

Crows - A Group Fly Around Cawing

Countryside - Winter Morning Ambience - Cocks Crowing, Rooks, Etc

Single Cock Crowing

Countryside - Early Summer - Luscious Birdsong

Cuckoos Calling

Bees - A Large Number Buzzing Around

Bee - A Single Bee Buzzing From Flower To Flower

Single Owl

Owls Calling In The Woods - Light

Small Bird Alarmed And Flies Away Noisily

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