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Venice - Before Dawn - In The Distance A Ship Moves Across The Lagoon While Water Laps Against A Group Of Moored Gondolas, Nearby

Venice - The Horologia Clock Strikes Soon After Dawn And The Piazza San Marco Echoes To The Sound Of Early Workers And Distant Bells

Venice - Later The Bell In The Campanile Rings, High Above The Piazza San Marco, And Chairs And Tables Are Moved Out From The Surrounding Cafes While Other Bells Ring In The Distance

Venice - Feeding The Pigeons In The Piazza San Marco At Midday

Venice - Evening In The Piazza San Marco, Now Full Of Animated People - Orchestras, Heard From Above The Square, Start Playing Outside Various Cafés, Creating A Medley Of Indistinguishable Tunes

Venice - In A Gondola, Moving Smoothly Along A Narrow Canal

Venice - The Voices And Footsteps Of Pedestrians Passing Along An Alley Which Leads To A Bridge Over A Small Canal

Venice - Traders And Customers At The Thriving Fish Market

A Group Of Gorillas Move Around In A Bamboo Jungle In Central Africa, Grunting, Moaning, Screaming And Beating Their Chests

In The Humid Tropical Heat Of A Central African Forest The Incessant Buzz Of Cicadas Accompanies And Almost Drowns The Birdsong

Birds, Insects And Monkeys In A Wooded Valley In Eastern Africa

In Bush Type Country In Eastern Africa, A Breeze Rustles Through The Leaves And Herbage Providing A Gentle Background To The Sounds Of Birds, Insects And Monkeys

Exotic Birdsong In A Forest In Central Africa

Hippos Grunt And Splash In A Pool In An African River In The Tropical Heat Of An Afternoon And Birds Call From The Water's Edge

Lions Prowl Around, Growling

Lions Attack Their Prey

A Fierce Fire Burning A Large Building

Fighting The Fire With Hoses And Buckets

A Fire Engine, With Siren Sounding, Approaches And Stops Nearby

Hoses Working At Full Pressure

Travelling In An American Police Car - The Siren, Using Two Different Styles, Is Used Continously

Police Car Siren - Continental (French) Style

American Police Car Approaches And Passes, Travelling Fast, Siren Sounding

Another Police Car Approaches And Passes, Travelling Fast, Siren Sounding

American Police Car, Stationary With Siren Sounding

American Freight Train - Diesel Locomotive At Head Of Train Approaches With Horn Sounding And Passes By, Travelling Quite Fast

American Passenger Train, Headed By A Diesel Locomotive With Warning Bell Ringing And Horn Blowing, Approaches From A Distance, Passes By And Away With Wheels Squealing On Curve, Travelling Quite Fast

American Passenger Train Approaches And Passes, Travelling Fast - Diesel Locomotive Sounds Horn On Approach

American Diesel Locomotive With Passenger Train Approach With Bell Ringing, Slow Down And Stop In Station And Wait With Engine Idling

American Diesel Locomotive, Stationary, Sounds Horn

American Diesel Locomotive, Stationary, Warning Bell Ringing

American Diesel Locomotive Stands Waiting In Station With Passenger Train, Then Starts Out From Station And Travels Away With Warning Bell Ringing And Horn Blowing

Chain Saw - Starts, Cuts Into Forest Tree And Stops

Woodman's Axe - Chopping At Tree In Forest

Axe Chopping At Large Tree Which Finally Falls To The Ground

Frogs Croaking In A Woodland Pool In Central France

Luscious Birdsong And Insects Buzzing On A Summer Morning In A Wood In Central France

A Nightingale Singing In A Wood In Central France While A Light Wind Stirs The Leaves And A Frog Plops Into A Pool

Wind Chimes, Gently Swaying In The Breeze In A Country Garden

The Victoria Falls, One Of The World's Largest And Best Known Waterfalls, Named Locally As 'The Smoke That Thunders' Heard From The Top Of The Falls

The White Water Rapids, Below Victoria Falls

In A Clearing In A Central African Forest At Dawn, Tropical Birds And The Livestock In A Village Settlement Stir Into Life

In A Native Village In Central Africa, During The Day, Villagers Chat And In The Background A Group Of Them Briefly Sing And Clap To The Rhythm Of Beat Of Drums

Lonely Dogs At Night - A Dog Starts Barking And Others Howl And Whine In The Distance

The Regular Beats Of A Human Heart

A Large Animal Howling In Distress

A Dragon, Angrily Growling, Snarling And Breathing Fire

Sounds Of War - Machine Guns Firing And Counter Firing

Sounds Of War - Bombs, Dropped From An Aircraft, Whistle And Burst In Succession

Sounds Of War - Artillery Barrage - Heavy Guns Firing, Shells Whistle Over

Sounds Of War - Artillery Guns Firing, Shells Whistle And Explode

Sounds Of War - Single Shell Whistles In And Bursts Close

Sounds Of War - A Group Of Shells Burst, Close

Sounds Of War - Heavy Mortars Firing, Mortar Bombs Bursting

Sounds Of War - Tank Gun Firing

Double Barrelled Shot Gun

Large Bore, Big Game Type Rifle Firing

High Velocity, Military Type Rifles Firing, Single Shots And Rapid Fire

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