Season 1

"A Paine by Any Other Name Part 1"

"A Paine by Any Other Name Part 2"

"Touch of Paine"

"Of the Flesh"


"The Experiment"

"In Too Deep"

"Enter the Dragon"

"The Final Frontier"

"Natural Magnetism"

"Double Image"

"I, Paine"

"Stormy Weather"

"Royal Rumble"

"House of Paine"

"Spydah, Spiders Everywhere"

"Dem Bonez"

"Omega Team"

"Daddy's Little Girl"


"Black Out"

"The Big Sleep"

"The Sword of Jo-Lan"


"Remote Control"


Season 2



"Movin' on Down"

"From Beneath the Sea"


"Brain Drain"

"Camping with the Enemy"

"Paine Relief"

"A Shock to the System"

"Perchance to Dream"

"Fathers and Daughters"


"The Girls from Brazil"

"The Mu-Toys"

"The Kraken Awakens"

"Critical Mass"

"High Frontier"

"Fathers and Sons"

"Survival Skills"

"Zoo Story"

"The Oddest Couple"

"Secret Admirer"

"Hyper Reality"

"Serving Two Masters"

"Full Circle"

"The Serpent's Tale"

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