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December 1956

90 Day Wondering is a jointly produced Warner Brothers/United States Army animated short, directed by Chuck Jones. It is an instructional short aimed at encouraging discharged soldiers to re-enlist. It is neither a Looney Tune nor a Merrie Melodie.


Soldier Ralph Phillips is so excited to leave "Fort Itude" that he spins out of the base like a tornado. After buying civilian clothes, he returns to his parents' house at his home town. After a reunion with his family, life returns to normal for the family.

Ralph decides to visit his old haunt, the Be Bop Burger, but now everyone is a young "teeny-bopper". There they are all dancing, and Ralph feels like an old man.

Moving on, Ralph is reminded by a sexy cigarette billboard to look in his old address book (now dusty and cobwebbed) for his old girlfriends. None of them are available, all married and with children.

Despondent, Ralph sits on a bench and contemplates how everything is different, and wonders about his old GI buddies. Just as he is about to consider re-enlisting, a shady imp, Pete, The Civilian's Friend, catches him and starts to show a film about why he shouldn't re-enlist. As he starts, another imp, (Re-Pete E-5 1/4) in a military uniform marches up Ralph's knee to start a rival presentation. The imps then present arguments for and against re-enlistment.

Persuaded, Ralph races back to his base to "Re-Up".

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