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September 25, 2001

4x4 Evo 2 (also known as 4x4 Evolution 2) is a racing/free roam video game developed by Terminal Reality, the second and final installment of the 4x4 Evolution series, and the fourth and final installment of Terminal Reality's racing series, under its codename "Metal Crush." It was released for the PC and Xbox in late 2001 (the Xbox version was released in Europe in early 2002, however), then for the Macintosh and Nintendo GameCube in mid-2002 (in North America only), and finally for the PlayStation 2 (in Europe only) in the same year. It is the sequel to 4x4 Evolution, which was released in late 2000 and early 2001.

This game was one of the original Xbox's launch titles (in North America and Europe only). In Europe, however, this is one of the original Xbox games to be incompatible with the European PAL Microsoft Xbox 360 that displays games at 50 Hz, but it still works with Xbox 360 consoles that run at 60 Hz. For unknown reasons, despite Terminal Reality being a (former) American video game developer, this is also their only PlayStation 2 game to be released exclusively in Europe.

There were also bonus game save files for the North American NTSC Xbox version of this video game included on an InterAct original Xbox memory unit, as advertised on the back cover of the manual.

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