Opening Theme

Series 1

Ep 1.: "Buffycats on a Mission"/"A Puppy to Save"

Ep 2.: "The Astronaut Cat"/"Cat Traps"

Ep 3.: "Gaby, The Reporter Cat"/"Gas, The Stinky Cat"

Ep 4.: "Granny Pina's Secret Recipe"/"Neko, The Lucky Cat"

Ep 5.: "A Dog as a Friend"/"Lampo and the Crazy Race"

Ep 6.: "Cat Fever"/"The Dance Contest"

Ep 7.: "Milady and the Cat-Fu Master"/"Milky & Chock's Circus"

Ep 8.: "Dogsitter Mission"/"Meatball's Secret Move"

Ep 9.: "Underwater Mission"/"Piperita, The Chef Cat"

Ep 10.: "Snobine, The Snobbish Cat"/"Four Cats and a Camel"

Ep 11.: "Detective Pilou"/"A Game for the Buffycats"

Ep 12.: "The Superhero Cat"/"Lampo at the Buffolympics"

Ep 13.: "Ambrogio, the Stylist Cat"/"A New Friend for Pilou"

Ep 14.: "Cats in Black"/"The Art of LaPalette"

Ep 15.: "The Flying Cat"/"Tutankatmon's Treasure"

Ep 16.: "The Great Robin Rescue"/"May the Best Cat Win"

Ep 17.: "Jungle Cats"/"Police Cat in Action"

Ep 18.: "Sir Archibald, Gentlecat"/"Pilou and the Scooter Chase"

Ep 19.: "The Tailoff Games"/"Pilou-saurus Rex"

Ep 20.: "Meatball's Lucky Day"/"All Meow for Ice Cream"

Ep 21.: "Campfire Cat Tails"/"Pinky Paws Rock!"

Ep 22.: "Scaredy Cats"/"Attic Mission"

Ep 23.: "Meatball the Sleepwalker"/"Bongo on Stage"

Ep 24.: "Farmer Cats for a Day"/"Santa's Little Helper"

Ep 25.: "The Rolling Pin Quest"/"Recycling Romp"

Ep 26.: "Pilou the Kitten Sitter"/"44 Cats - The Musical"

What episode shots are these from?

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