Season 1

"Fly, Muffin"

"Bird Theatre"

"A Chorus for Us"

"To Play or not to Play"

"Muffin Express"

"The Rudy Show"

"Super Slide"

"Costume Party"

"Meet Elliott"

"Pogo Nest"

"Samuel's Dance"

"Rolling Along"

"Perfect Picnic"

"Pie Fair"

"Muffin's Shop"


"Go Camping"

"Starry Night"

"Amazing Muffin"

"Ice Skating"



"Muffin's Plant"

"Baby Jordan"

"A Very Squooky Christmas"

Season 2


"Meow Kitty"

"Mariachi Muffin!"

"Beach Branch!"

"Elliot the Budgie"

"Art Show"

"Down to Earth!"

"Road Trip!"

"Paint Job!"





"The Moon!"

"Balloon Ride!"

"Help Daddy!"




"Muffin's Friend!"

"Aunt Esther!"


"Night Hike!"

"Play Nicely!"

"Talent Show!"


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