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3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown Deluxe Released: 2000 Franchise: Lionel

3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown Deluxe (also known in Europe as "TrainTown Deluxe") is a video game developed by Dynamix, Inc. and published by Sierra Attractions. It was released only for the PC in 2000. It's an updated version of the original 3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown, which was released in 1999.


All aboard! Step into the role of model train conductor in Sierra's 3-D Ultra TrainTown Deluxe. Budding engineers can try their hand at delivering goods (animals, people and food) to different locations or just hop aboard to ride the rails. The game also offers several train-related jobs reminiscent of childhood diversions like Memory and Hangman, while other challenges include sorting and math skills, providing an educational aspect.

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