Ep. 1

"Dog's Best Friend"

"Boom Night"

Ep. 2: "Power to the Puppies"

Ep. 3: "Who the Dog Do You Think You Are?"

Ep. 4: "Walkies on the Wild Side"

Ep. 5: "May Contain Nuts"

Ep. 6: "Winter Funderland"

Ep. 7: "Snow Day"

Ep. 8: "Perfect Match"

Ep. 9: "All Fired Up"

Ep. 10: "Poetry Scam"

Ep. 11: "Crushed Out"

Ep. 12: "Girls' Day Out"

Ep. 13: "The Woof Factor"

Ep. 14: "The Nose Job Part 1"

Ep. 15: "The Nose Job Part 2"

Ep. 16: "My Fair Dolly"

Ep. 17: "Flea-Mageddon"

Ep. 18: "A Right Royal Rumble"

Ep. 19: "Dal-Martians"

Ep. 20: "A Date with Destiny... Dallas and Déjà Vu"

Ep. 21: "The Wow of Miaow"

Ep. 22: "Fear Window"

Ep. 23: "The Dog House"

Ep. 24

"A Summer to Remember" Part 1

"A Summer to Remember" Part 2

Ep. 25: "Long Tongue Day"

Ep. 26: "Doggy Da Vinci"

Ep. 27

"London, We Have a Problem" Part 1

"London, We Have a Problem" Part 2

Ep. 28: "It's My Party"

Ep. 29: "Fox in the Dog House"

Ep. 30: "Fetch"

Ep. 31: "Don't Push Your Luck"

Ep. 32

"The Curse of the Ferrydog"

"The Walls Are Alive"

Ep. 33

"Diamond Dogs"

"Ride Along"

Ep. 34


"The Longest Night"

Ep. 35

"Balancing Act"

"Dawkins Strikes Back"

Ep. 36


"Dotty Dancing"

Ep. 37

"Yappily Ever After"


Ep. 38

"Puppy Dreams" Part 1

"Puppy Dreams" Part 2

Ep. 39

"Dante's Inferno"

"Better the De Vil You Know"

Ep. 40

"The De Vil Wears Puppies" Part 1

"The De Vil Wears Puppies" Part 2

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